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Christa Ludwig

CHRISTA LUDWIG‘This book by Eric Schoones Walking up the Mountain Track is a true milestone to awaken our consciousness. Music is the right median to uplift people spiritually. The quality of Zen is a reality in all things and helps people from the Western culture, through music, to understand this spiritual reality. In this book famous artists from various disciplines relate about their spiritual experience. Zen and music connect here most beautifully, enriching our lives.’

Malcolm Singer

‘Many have acknowledged the connections between Zen practice and musical practice, but none have done it quite so explicitly as Eric Schoones, with this treasure-chest of quotations from both Zen and musical writings. Shunryu Suzuki’s Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind has long been a favourite of mine, and to see quotations from this book linked so appropriately with the thoughts of so many great musicians – Busoni, Schnabel, Celibidache, Menuhin and Horowitz to name but a few – is a revelation. A must-read for all those interested in the mysteries of top quality music-making.’
MALCOLM SINGER, former Director of Music at the Yehudi Menuhin School of Music

Alexander Gavrylyuk

ALEXANDER GAVRYLYUK‘In our modern, at times incautiously animated world, Eric Schoones’s work is especially significant. His tireless research resulted in a fascinating book, Walking up the Mountain Track.
One cannot help, but feel that by combining wisdom from the greatest masters of classical music, paralleled by the knowledge of Eastern philosophies, Mr. Schoones uncovered the big secrets behind the universal truth that is mirrored in true art and music. What could be better guidance and inspiration! It is an ingenious work. An eye opening reminder of what is truly important. This book is a jewel, a real bible for any musician.’

Stuart Isacoff

‘The artistic process is a mystery, but that hasn’t stopped philosophers and musicians across the centuries from plumbing its depths in the search for meaning. Eric Schoones has organized a roadmap for the journey to the core of the puzzle, quoting great artists and thinkers on such aspects as practice, ego, and the emptiness of unknowing, and framing it all in the context of Zen. The result is truly enlightening. Whether he is citing pianist Dinu Lipatti on discovering emotional truth, Eugene Herrigel on detachment, Glenn Gould on giving free rein to your desires, or Sergei Rachmaninoff on the limitations of following rules, this collection is a must for any musician’s bookshelf.’
STUART ISACOFF, author & critic

Nelson Goerner

NELSON GOERNER‘A truly fantastic and fascinating book, full of deep insights for the connoisseurs and also for those interested in having a closer look on how a great interpreter works with the composer and within himself. A warmest BRAVO!!!’

Mark Ainley

‘This book communicates with beauty and directness the higher realms that great musicians seek to access and express. Schoones captures the essence of Lipatti’s character, philosophy, and music-making in a vivid and direct manner that makes for engrossing reading.’
MARK AINLEY, piano recording historian and critic

Roberto Prosseda

ROBERTO PROSSEDA‘Reading Walking up the Mountain Track has been a deep and enriching experience for me. I could find here several ideas on the sense of music-making, tied to some more general thoughts on the human existence, which I feel as part of my own approach to music and life. Still, I could never read them in such a clear and poetic form as they are expressed here.
This book is a perfect companion for any pianist or music lover, as it provides a lot of information and ideas about the piano performance, showing how it is always deeply connected with our spiritual dimension. It is also striking to note how many of the greatest musicians in the history, here quoted, shared a similar view on music and life.
Any reader will find this book of great interest and will discover how music, and more in general, the “art of listening” can bring a great improvement to our life.’

Andrè Gallo

ANDRÈ GALLO‘A book written with great experience and intuition; giving rise to various, profound meditations. I was fascinated by the form chosen by Mr. Schoones to accompany us on a walk between thoughts and streams of consciousness that does not have time or place. The book weaves together cultures and concepts of spiritual and artistic paths, of choices and hardships, of diversity which, in truth, point to a collective identity.
This is a book that reminds us to be souls… before trying to become acclaimed artists.’
ANDRÈ GALLO, Professor at Accademia Pianistica “Incontri col Maestro” di Imola