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Etsuko Hirose

I really adored this book, I think every student of all the conservatories should read this, I would have liked to read it before. Eric Schoones describe so well the link between the music and Zen, which could be so helpful to eliminate every useless thoughts and ego, and the author shows many hints of the path to achieve the truth. Being Japanese I grew up in Japan until I was 15, and this Zen mind is quite familiar for me, we are influenced whether you want it or not by Buddhism, which explains partly Japanese people’s mentality – kindness, dignity, ego lessness, fatalism etc. At the same time, I was thinking that precisely this advantage could also be a disadvantage because in the actual world, it looks like all that matters is the quick success and the marketing with superficial images. But this book reminded me the positive side of things and to understand how to connect intelligently Western art and Eastern philosophy.
I remember when I played the Mozart Concerto with orchestra at 6, I just enjoyed the situation without knowing the meaning of “stage fright”. And now, to be in this mind state, I should have recourse to meditation, philosophy, stretching etc. So complicated not to be anxious before the concert! But in the end, there is no magic wand, you just have to practice, and in a smart way!